Night Registration


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Please call for reservations: (541)-659-9585 or (541)-761-1744

Night Registration & Prices

Law requires all vehicles to register before occupying a camping site.

  1. Fill out, completely, night registration envelope.
  2. Select a space from "site map" sure to write number on envelope.
  3. Determine fees from price list and enclose payment in envelope and seal.
  4. Drop envelope in night time registration slot.
  5. Please stop by office in the morning for your receipt.

Our Prices

  1. 50 amp pull thru $ 50.00 per night
  2. 30/20 amp service $ 40.00 per night
  3. Tent sites $ 25.00 per night
  4. Self contained sites $ 25.00
  5. Cabins: $95 to $110 per night (includes tax). You can make your reservation on Airbnb.
  6. We also rent a 29’ RV $ 300.00 Per week fully furnished!
  7. RV’s $ 80 per night or call for our weekly specials.